Sunday, April 19, 2009



5) Nicole Sullivan: Word around the campfire is that this girl can chug six beers in 2 minutes. Any lady who can do that and still have a balcony you could do Shakespeare from…AND be funny as hell…deserves a spot on the list. King of Queens always brightens up whenever this cutie walks onstage. My personal favorite quote: “You mean you were just using me to make your girlfriend jealous? And I thought you were just being nice to me to get into my pants! Well GOODBYE TO YOU!!!” Priceless.

4) Claudia Black: Making the “ass kicking tough gal” quotient is Australia and Farscape’s Aeoryn Sun, who just…does it for me…I don’t know why. She is not a classically beautiful woman per say (I’d most likely describe her as handsome) but there is just something about her, something special, that it’s no wonder John Crichton just couldn’t keep his hands off of this space-age gun toting vixen for four seasons. The kind of daughter in law your mom prays you don’t take home for fear she’d pull a gun on your family.

3) Sophie Ellis Bextor: Why this space babe alien hasn’t hit it big in the US is beyond me, because she’s a phenomenon elsewhere in the world. Her music is of the bubblegum variety but surprisingly catchy and fun to listen to, and those who would call her an extraterrestrial due to her shiny face and striking looks can bite me (because she’s on my list I get a pass). She’s a babe. Deal with it. She sings with more confidence than I’ve seen in most divas. She’s got something the others lack. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

2) Tina Fey: I finally have a reason to watch SNL on a regular basis, thanks in no small part to this smart little firecracker of a cookie who has become the first female head writer in SNL history and ½ of the funniest Weekend Update crew the show has ever seen (if I was a girl…or gay…I’d be gushing about Jimmy Fallon). On top of that, she has this geeky cute thing going that makes my blood boil. This girl is smart and witty as hell. That is just damn sexy beyond belief. Yay Tina!

1) Jennifer Garner, aka Sydney Bristow: Now, whom I’m really talking about is not the actress but the character, who happens to be a drop dead gorgeous smart as hell mega-babe who is also deadlier than a pissed off black mamba but possesses a heart of gold. If only she really existed…In reality, Ms. Garner is a drop dead gorgeous but terribly anorexic dumb as a post airhead who can’t complete a sentence (witness her Conan O’Brien appearance in which she thought that “snuck” wasn’t a word. Oh man did I cry over that one). So…it’s a fictional character that has stolen my heart, not the real thing.

So three Americans, an Australian and a Brit. The sun may set on the British empire, but it will never set on my babes, eh?